How telemedicine will change the way the doctors will interact with their patients

Apr 5, 2016

How telemedicine will change the way the doctors will interact with their patients

How telemedicine will change the way the doctors will interact with their patients

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With more Americans getting health care insurance, you would think access to medical are is quite easy. There are several problems compounding the health sector with most people with health insurance suffering from high deductibles. Primary care doctors are still difficult to meet on a one-on-one meeting especially in the remote areas. The average GOLD Plan which is the best but most expensive health insurance plan deducts over $2,00o per an individual which is way too high for most Americans. Over 35% of the 70%, Americans with medical insurance still suffer from medical debt.

This is a serious situation with further studies showing America will suffer a shortage of about 52,000 physicians by the year 2025. For most Americans, health insurance is not providing an ideal way of dealing with their medical issues. A better way must be developed to bridge the gap that exists between patients and physicians across America. Telemedicine has come as a huge relief for most Americans helping close the gap between patients and doctors.
Telemedicine knew by many as “telehealth” is the provision of health care through remote access. This can be through phones and video conferencing. The concept is not totally new but has not been fully introduced at a national level. In the rural areas, the concept is greatly used by patients to address various medical issues. Specialty consultants who are rarely found in the rural areas can easily be accessed through teleconferencing. Care pediatricians are easily accessible in the rural areas through telemedicine. However, some pediatricians never charge their services offered through the phone.

The most important area where the telehealth is playing a major role in the health sector is in cases of emergencies. Telemedicine is becoming the best way to deal with urgent medical needs all over America. Minor concerns that don’t require the physical presence of a physician can easily be handled through telemedicine. These are medical issues like ear infections and colds that are very common. The telemedicine is proving a real deal and can be the best way to go for people who cannot afford health insurance. As long as access to physicians is made available and quality services offered, telehealth will go a long way in solving most of the problems the health sector has suffered for years. Efficiency in the provision of health services at an affordable price will lead to satisfaction on both sides of the patient and physician.

Various studies were done show the effectiveness of telemedicine have proved that it can be a reliable method of providing cheap and reliable health care to people in need. The Center for Disease and control, CDC did research that showed over 80% of patients in hospitals were discharged from the emergency room. This goes to show very few people required specialized care requiring admission to the hospital. This large group of patients would easily be serviced from the comfort of their homes without having to pay more for the health services. A single televisit by physicians can cost as little as $40 while ER treatments cost as high as $1,500-$3,000. This is a huge difference regarding money something that most regular Americans cannot afford.  An example is DermCheck App, an online dermatologist app that will do derm consultation from acne treatment, rosacea, and cold sores treatment.  Everything is done via the phone and you will get your prescription medication within 24 hours.  No more driving and waiting in stuffy doctor’s office.

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