Dr. Edison de Mello of Activated You

Mar 30, 2017

Dr. Edison de Mello of Activated You

Dr. Edison de Mello of Activated You

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Meet Dr. Edison de Mello of Activated You

Located in one of the healthiest neighborhoods in L.A. is The Akasha Center. Popularly referred to many as a “healing sanctuary,” the center serves as an homage to people of all cultures, age, and gender seeking physical, mental and spiritual wellness. But a majority of those visiting the center comes with the aim of meeting with one doctor who strongly believes in healing the “whole person.” That doctor is Dr. Edison de Mello. He firmly believes that the solution to most of the health complications is where the scientific advances of the Western meet with the wisdom of Eastern medicines. But, who is Dr. Edison de Mello?

Who is Dr. Edison de Mello, MD, Ph.D.?
He is the Founder of The Akasha Center. Apart from that, he also couples up as the Chief Medical Officer and Director of the Men’s Clinic at the center. He is a certified Integrative Physician and a licensed psychotherapist with over a decade of experience before enrolling in his medical training. With a strong urge to help and heal, Dr. de Mello joined the University of North Texas where he graduated with bachelor’s and MA in psychology. He went ahead to graduate with a doctorate degree in Health and Human services/psychology.
He continued working at Ross Counter School of Medicine but completed his clinical rotations at the University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine Hospital. After the completion of his training, it was time for him to actualize his dream to build a medical facility where he could offer his patients the most well-rounded health care possible – a center where psychology and fully integrated Eastern and Western medicine could meet.

What is Integrated Medicine?
This is an approach to the patient that acknowledges the whole spectrum of physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, social and environmental effects. It can only be described as a wholesome approach to the patient’s health problems by taking to account the entire their life.

The Akasha Center for Interactive Medicine
The center has based all its treatment to the interactive medicine for the patient’s comprehensive wellness. Their approach to this treatment combines some of the most cutting-edge research in the medical field with a whole person wellness. The kind of service offered at the center can prove this. Here are some of the main services:

• Acupuncture
• Chinese Medicine
• Naturopathic Medicine
• Psychiatry
• Psychotherapy
• Age Management
• Nutrition
• Herbal Medicine
• And may others
You will love the unique, calm and welcoming settings of the center. It is very close to a beach, and this gives it a fantastic setting. The staff members are highly trained and do everything to ensure that patients are attended to as soon as possible. Apart from The Akasha Center, Dr. de Mello as gone a step further to expand his horizons with his groundbreaking ActivateYou project

ActivatedYou Project
Dr. de Mello found that Akasha Center was limiting his accessibility to the larger community. This is why he decided to develop a new website to reach the rest who cannot make it to the center. The good doctor has also started a line of dietary supplements. His latest wellness development is the popular ActivateYou.
ActivateYou is a blend of the Western medicine with Eastern traditions. It helps the body to restore its natural state of health vibrancy through powerful formulas. The formulas are cautiously designed with patient’s vigor and health in mind.
Advanced Restorative Probiotic is one of the products from this project that he’s launching. Unlike other probiotics on the market, Advanced Restorative comes with 30 trains of healthy for the digestion system only. Advanced Restorative can help with the following:

• Boosting immunity• Improving digestion• Increased energy• Improve skin health• Overall health improvement
Dr. Edison de Mello of ActivatedYou has been receiving positive reviews from patients that he has treated. A majority of them are thrilled he’s pushing his horizon further. His services are well rated too.

The Future of Integrated Medicine
The future of this form of treatment is great. Its health benefits are tremendous and more and more people are slowly acknowledging this. The side effects are minimal, and the fact it captures a “whole-person” makes it very effective in treating several conditions at once. Dr. Edison de Mello of ActivatedYou is on the frontline of this revolution, and we are expecting much more from him. You rest assured that with him, you expect nothing but the highest quality, most cutting-edge formulas that will enhance your health and general wellness significantly. For more information about Dr. Edison de Mello, ActivatedYou and The Akasha Center, go online.

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