Who Is Beverly Hills MD Co-Founder, Dr. John Layke?

Apr 15, 2017

Who Is Beverly Hills MD Co-Founder, Dr. John Layke?

Who Is Beverly Hills MD Co-Founder, Dr. John Layke?

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Who Is Plastic Surgeon & Beverly Hills MD Co-Founder, Dr. John Layke?

When choosing a plastic surgeon, it’s important to not just find someone who’s a precise technician, but an artist as well. Dr. John Layke of the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group is both.  Along with Dr. Payman Danielpour, Dr. Layke has built a practice that is renowned for helping patients achieve the very best versions of themselves.

Dr. John Layke specializes in several different types of procedures, including facelifts, eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, and more. He uses sophisticated technology to deliver the best results, and he and Dr. Danielpour have established themselves as the premier plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills.  Dr. John Layke has earned acclaim for his work nationwide, including features in magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar and profiles on television shows such as Inside Edition, Entertainment Tonight, Extra and many others.

Education and Training

Dr. John Layke grew up in Milwaukee, the son of a school administrator father and a stay-at-home mom. Even though none of his other family members were ever in the medical field, he knew from a very early age that he wanted to be a physician. He even knew as a very young man that he wanted to start a surgical practice with another doctor.

Just like all plastic surgeons who have earned a reputation for excellence, Dr. Layke paid his dues through extensive, grueling education and training. He attended medical school at Nova Southeastern University College of Osteopathic Medicine (Fort Lauderdale, FL) and served residencies at the Nassau University Medical Center in New York and the Long Island Plastic Surgical Group as well as the University of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago. While serving his residency in Chicago, Dr. Layke received the Vijay Maker, MD Award for Academic Excellence and also earned the title of Administrative Chief Resident.

Dr. John Layke, who earned his California state medical license in 2009, is also certified by the American Board of Surgery as well as the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He is affiliated with both the Olympia Medical Center as well as the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles.

Dr. John Layke of the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group

Not only is Dr. Layke an expert in cosmetic procedures, he has also co-authored several publications on general medicine. These include papers regarding treatment for health issues such as esophageal and gastric cancer, gastrointestinal injury, bile duct surgery, and more.

A Successful Partnership

Dr. Layke met Dr. Danielpour (a Beverly Hills native) while they both trained at Nassau University Medical Center. Together, they learned the most advanced surgical techniques available, becoming the best of friends along the way. Once they completed their medical training, they opened the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group.

The two doctors grew up in vastly different environments, and took substantially different routes to get to where they are today. While Dr. Layke grew up in a traditional Midwest home, Dr. Danielpour was raised in a family of physicians in Beverly Hills. He tried his hand at acting for a while before deciding to devote his life to medicine. While they only briefly crossed paths while attending school in Chicago, they formed a bond during their residency in Long Island, becoming roommates. Eventually, they would decide to form a partnership.

Once they educated themselves on the business aspects of running a practice, they sold just about everything they owned and made the trip from New York to L.A. in Dr. Danielpour’s Jeep. Their practice started somewhat humbly – in a small space given to them by Dr. Danielpour’s uncle – and in extremely uncertain economic times. After all, this was 2009, and the United States was in the depths of the Great Recession. Not only that, but they were in the middle of one of the most competitive areas for plastic surgery in the country.

Even though starting a practice was filled with a multitude of challenges, they persevered and ultimately thrived. Now their office is a 4,000-square-foot showplace in one of the most coveted buildings in Beverly Hills.

Innovators in the Field

Not only have the doctors gained a reputation for excellence in cosmetic surgery procedures, they have also been innovators in the field. While still in New York, they combined to develop the Single Incision Mommy Makeover, or SIMM. This procedure combines breast augmentation and a tummy tuck in a single incision. The procedure involves the use of silicone implants and eliminates the scarring that is typical of traditional breast augmentation surgeries.

Other Procedures

Dr. Layke and Danielpour perform a wide range of other cosmetic procedures at the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group in addition to SIMM. Here is information on just a few of them.

  •      Facelifts – Drs. Layke and Danielpour help patients who want to improve their appearance and decrease the signs of aging in the areas of the face and neck. These include sagging, creases, loss of muscle tone, and more. They make sure their patients are good candidates and have realistic goals. The doctors are also experts in an advanced procedure known as Minimal Access Cranial Suspension (MACS) lift, which is an alternative to a traditional facelift. This procedure is designed for both men and women who want to get rid of issues such as sagging in the neck, jowls, and deep marionette lines. The MACS lift involves vertically lifting tissue and muscle to move them into a more youthful-looking position. It is much less invasive than traditional facelifts and results in a shorter recovery.
  •      Eyelid Surgery – Eyelid surgery can improve the appearance of both the upper and lower eyelids, providing patients with a rejuvenated, alert appearance. It is designed for both men and women who want to eliminate the fatty deposits around the eyes that can make them appear puffy. Also known as blepharoplasty, eyelid surgery can eliminate bags under the eyes as well as fine wrinkles. Good candidates are non-smokers who are healthy and don’t have any serious eye conditions such as dry eye, detached retinas, or glaucoma.
  •      Brow Lift – People who have a pronounced crease across their forehead or across the bridge of the nose often choose to have a brow lift (also referred to as a forehead lift) performed. This procedure minimizes creases and also improves “frown lines,” the creases that often develop between a patient’s eyebrows. Like most other cosmetic procedures, patients must be in generally good health and not smoke to be candidates for a brow lift.
  •      Ear Surgery – Many people might not consider having a cosmetic procedure performed on their ears, but it is an option for those whose ears are disfigured or protruding. Some people chose otoplasty to correct defects that have been present since birth but have become more pronounced with age. Others may have suffered some sort of injury that has resulted in a misshapen ear. This procedure can make the face and ears more proportional, greatly enhancing their appearance. Adults and children can both be good candidates. They need to be healthy and not have any sort of medical problem that could affect their hearing.
  •      Rhinoplasty – Rhinoplasty is designed to improve the appearance of the nose, and, in some instances, improve its functioning as well. There are several reasons why someone may want this procedure. For example, a patient’s nose might not be proportionate to the face, or it could have an unsightly bump. Dr. Layke is an expert in rhinoplasty, combining precision and artistry to provide balance and contour to the nose. He takes the time to thoroughly discuss each patient’s goals and to come up with a plan that is specific to that patient. For example, he covers the qualities of the nose each patient wants to address to help establish realistic goals, giving them the look and shape they want.
  •      Breast Augmentation – Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group offers a wide variety of cosmetic procedures involving the breast, including breast augmentation. This is one of the most popular procedures, one that can provide patients a fuller, firmer appearance through the use of silicone or saline implants. Because every woman is unique, Dr. Layke and Dr. Danielpour take the time to thoroughly discuss all options during the preoperative consultation. They listen closely to learn what each patient hopes to achieve to determine what type of implant is best.
  •      Liposuction – Even though a lot of people follow a healthy diet and exercise on a regular basis, they still often have a difficult time getting rid of excess fat in particular areas of the body. In order to address this issue, they often turn to liposuction. This is a popular procedure that removes fatty tissue in areas of the body and face. These include the upper arms, abdomen, hips, thighs, chin, neck, cheeks, and others.
  •      Body Contouring – Drs. Layke and Danielpour offer body contouring procedures designed to provide patients a more trim, fit appearance. When people lose a substantial amount of weight, they tend to have sagging skin in some areas and an excess of tissue in others. Some may also have fat deposits in certain areas of the body that they can’t get rid of. Body contouring helps rid patients of these problems so they can finally enjoy the results of their diet or exercise routines. In order to be a candidate for this type of procedure, however, patients have to have established a stable body weight for at least the past six months, be a non-smoker, and be in good health overall.
  •      Arm Lift – Much like body contouring, an arm lift is for someone who has a substantial amount of excess fat and skin on the arms. It could be due to age or having recently lost a great deal of weight. The procedure typically takes anywhere from one to two hours and is performed either under local or general anesthesia. In most cases, the procedure is done on an outpatient basis.
  •      Vein Treatment – Both men and women sometimes opt to have vein treatments performed to remove spider veins, which are thin veins that are visible near the surface of the skin. These usually appear in areas such as the calves, ankles, or thighs and often result in burning and swelling. A vein treatment procedure will typically involve stretching the skin and then injecting it with a chemical that causes the unsightly veins to collapse and then be absorbed by the body. In some cases, lasers are used to treat the problem.


Dr. Layke and Danielpour also offer a line of innovative skin care products called Beverly Hills MD. These products are designed to be safe for everyone because they contain no harsh irritants or ingredients. They include:

  •      Dark Spot Corrector – This is a gel that is designed to reduce the appearance of many of the products of stress on the skin, such as acne scars, sunspots, and age spots. It provides a younger-looking appearance without irritating the skin, and also helps to prevent against any future damage that may occur, such as exposure to dangerous ultraviolet rays.
  •      Lift+Firm Sculpting Cream – This cream contains a special anti-aging formula that tightens and lifts skin, restoring its natural firmness and reducing sagging. It not only helps stimulate the renewal of reinvigorating skin cells, it also accelerates the production of collagen.
  •      Wrinkle Repair Night Treatment – Wrinkle Repair Night Treatment provides deep hydration to the skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines while helping to stimulate cellular renewal for skin repair.
  •      Dark Circle Corrector – Dark Circle Corrector reduces discoloration under the eyes, as well as shadows that can develop as we age. It hydrates the skin while reducing wrinkles and puffiness.
  •      Lash Enhancing Serum – This treatment is designed to thicken and lengthen eyelashes, providing an enhanced appearance without the need for extensions or false lashes. It helps protect lashes and reduces the chances for breakage or lash fallout.
  •      Line Smoothing Serum – Line Smoothing Serum can help reduce fine lines and deep wrinkles, boosting the amount of collagen to increase the elasticity of skin.

Along with Dr. Danielpour, Dr.  John Layke has devoted his professional life to helping patients look their absolute best. Their combined expertise is evident in the fact that many celebrities – people whose careers depend on their appearance – have chosen Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group for their cosmetic procedures.

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